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Who we are….Our Mission

The goal of ‘Beat the blues’ is to help individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction, suicide thoughts, etc.  About 60% of people who need mental-health services in the U.S. each year unfortunately do not get it.  This is either because of the ‘stigma’ of seeking help for their mental state or the lack of insurance.  Fortunately, The Affordable Care Act is changing that; by requiring that all medical insurance policies cover mental-health care, not only just physical illnesses.

The human brain is as vulnerable to illness as any other organ in the body,  Gradually, we are learning of different modalities and ways to care for the broken minds that are a result of mental challenges.

One of the most important attributes humans don’t have is the ability to see themselves the way others do.  This, along with the ‘stigma’ of mental (challenges/illness) is detrimental  and serious for one battling depression, anxiety and addiction.

Please take your time and search, relax and be educated.  You are not alone in this and there is plenty of help and therapies available.  Let’s get rid of the stigma of mental health challenges on  this planet.  Remember, critical people also have their ‘own stuff’.  What really matters  is what God thinks…..And He LOVES YOU more than you can imagine!

Sit back and enjoy the music and remember to breathe deep.  And please never forget….You are not alone! If you have any prayer concerns or testimony or comments please contact us.

You are welcomed and encouraged to return back frequently as this program will be updated on a regular basis.

Sincerely in Health,

Perry Bruget
Founder and Executive Director



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