This introducton section hopefully will help educate you on addictions.

Nothing affects human life like an addict. More than 2/3 of families have been affected by addiction. The American Medical Association back in 1958 stated that alcohol is a medical issue.

There are many that ask: ‘is it an illness or a choice’? The bad stigma that is prtrayed in the country comes in many forms. A few examples are; you are a drunk, loser, wino, druggy, etc.

These powerful words are extremely detrimental and devastating to a person struggling with addiction.

One of the worst is, ‘you should have control over this’. People really need some serious training on how to word things.

As a society we need to re-think and begin to develop a new passion towards addicts. We need to have people stand up, and talk, and support our fellow individuals with addictions.

Addiction is an epidemic among the young people, not only in the U.S., but also worldwide.

Once again we need people to stand and talk! An addict does not typically talk. They are too ashamed and they hide behind the rules and stigma. Anyone with a chronic disorder of any nature needs someone to follow up with them to check in and see how they are doing.

It is not the parents that are failing; but it is the health system. How are we handling teenage addiction? Not rapid enough! This is a serious chronic health problem. Although, some states have developed recovery programs:

Currently there are:

20 States with College Recovery Programs.

16 States with High School Recovery Programs.

Many cities and communities have developed a ‘Safe Place’ for recovery. This also includes many community centers.

Build it and they will come!

One again there is a terrible stigma towards people with addictions. We need to stop thinking and making derogatory statements. This causes many individuals to withdraw and become anonymous people. The definition of anonymous is: not named, not identified. Anonymity is not secrecy. People need to recognize and know that they are not alone!! Addictions have ruined many lives, and my hope and prayer it that it doesn’t ruin yours. Only you can take the initiative for yourself or a loved one to seek help. I guarantee that your life will change for the better!

In health and to a successful recovery!!

Perry Bruget
Founder and Executive Director

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