Compassion Focused Therapy

The compassion branch of psychology developed to deal with observations within Mental Health. With an increasing number of individuals reporting shame and self-criticism, there was a primary issue with those individuals finding it difficult to be kind to themselves, feel self-warmth or of being self-compassionate [1]. In consultation exploration, it was straightforward to establish the link between self-criticism and shame as being a learnt response to environmental factors. Research has demonstrated the link between lack of self-compassion with histories of abuse, bullying, neglect/lack of affection and high expressed emotion in the family. By empowering individuals with an evolutionary and neurological understanding of how the brain works, coupled with cognitive behavioural therapy will allow a high number of individuals to understand and apply core principles by saying “I understand the logic of my alternative thinking”. Additionally, where compassion focus therapy goes one step further, is to solve deep rooted self perceptions of understanding the logic and aiding the individual in feeling better by enhancing the safeness and warmth in their relationships with both others and themselves.

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